Thursday, April 30, 2009

Give Away

Check out this link..This is a friend of a friend. I found her blog and I love reading about her adventures in Germany. Check her out..., she is doing a giveaway so check it out(April 30th post).


Gleatie said...

Hi! I am not exactly sure how to reach you but if your blog is set up like mine, you will get this comment e-mailed to your e-mail address! My e-mail address that I get personal e-mail on is :) I didn't want to post my mailing address on my blog for everyone to read (however, being in Germany and being an APO box not sure what anyone could do with it!). it is Sarah Deaner
CMR 444
Box 627
APO, AE 09038

I need some new stories on your blog to catch up on!! Hope all is well! I am so glad that you read my blog!!

longge said...

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