Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thomas the Tank Engine!!!

We had the best weekend. We went to Birmingham to see THE REAL THOMAS..Coop was in heaven. He thought it was the best thing ever! We rode up with Bob and Libby and met Stew, Kat, John and Larkin. I was excited that they could come. Coop really enjoyed seeing them. The weekend started out with a bang when Libby picked up the tickets and realized they were for Friday not Saturday! So after I shed a few tears the sweet people at the Heart of Dixie Railroad, told us to get there early because it was sold out but they would try their best to get us on a train! Well needless to say I was up at 6:30 and woke Coop up! We were there by 8:15 and it ended up being perfect. The rain stopped when we arrived and we were put on the first train of the day! Coop thought it was so great he just set and stared..Everyone was talking and he just keep telling us to be quiet..I think he was just taking it all in!!

Coop clutching his ticket!

One of Coops favorite parts was a giant tent with 6/7 train tables set up with every Thomas train ever made. This part really had Martin and Bob laughing b/c every child left this tent kicking and screaming!! Coop on the other hand left nicely with a bribe..we will go to the gift shop if you leave!!!!
Well whatever works..huh??
I will post more pics tomorrow. Libby took 185 pics so I am sure she has some great ones!

Bath Time Fun or.....MESS

So I guess the following pics are why you never leave a three year old in the bath alone!!

So this is Coop with an entire bottle of shaving cream..I told him I was going to get the Camera and he suddenly began to Strike A Pose!!!

Not quite sure what you would call it!! But he is definitely posing! Cute little buns!!

These bath pics are from last week when he decided to dump the entire bucket of Crayola Color pellets in the bath..."But But I was just trying to make black!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Grandparents Day..

Last Friday was Grandparents Day at St Dominic. It was so sweet, the kids sung songs about the seasons. Believe it or not Coop actually was singing. One time so loud you could hear him over the other kids and we are talking 6 other classes!! He was so excited. My mom (gega), Martins mom and dad (granddaddy and nana), Martin and I were all there. He was just beside himself waving at me and telling me how "bootiful" I am!!
Getting him dressed was another story. I had to bribe, plead, and beg for him to put on his Sunday Best! Coop hates clothes especially dress clothes!!
He got two new trains since I got him to school in his outfit!!

Sorry the pics are not great. He refused to pose as well!!
Notice the cute little Vineyard Vines shirt. My mother keeps him well dressed from that store!! The problem is when we got home he informed me that shirt was garbage and I needed to throw it away! I hope I can get him back in it for Easter! We will see!!
Oh Do not forget to notice the Boots..Remember these are the ones he put alittle smile on and got Grandaddy to buy for him!! They are about the only shoes he will wear these days!

New Yard Art

Introducing our newest backyard play toy...

The trampoline has been a big hit..
It joins the rest of the yard toys:

Our play set and 4 Wheeler

The fort I turned into a huge sandbox..

And our soccer goal!!
Which by the way we have our first soccer practice today. I will post pics tomorrow, that is if Coop will actually put on his cleats!

So anyway there really should not be any bored kids in the Shannon Playland! But out of all of these things to do..what is Coops favorite....

Yes you got in the MUD!!

Blog Appearance

I was told today that my blogg looked like I had a girl!! I did the pastel polka dots for EASTER!!! I will see if they have anything alittle more boyish!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dinner Time

Coop has been banned from eating dinner on my couch. I just had it cleaned and it finally does not look like breakfast, lunch, and dinner!! He insisted on eating in the den so here he is on a towel!

Sleepy Boy

Two nights ago Coop informed me he did not get enough rest. Probably because he got out of his bed in the middle of the night and got in mine. Well I explained to him that his daddy had kept him up snoring all night!!! Needless to say, he stayed in his bed last night!! He likes to have his breakfast in his playroom on his table. Yes on the table..He does not sit at the table he sits On it. He told me he needed a pillow and a blanket to rest so I got him all set up..I gave him a few minutes and then told him he needed to eat. This is what I found...

Yes he is eating laying down..and no he was not making a mess!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bailey and Coop

As you all know Bailey has been my dog since college. She is a pain in the but and not very nice. But she has finally taken to Cooper, yes after 4 years..why you make ask?? Because he feeds her!!! Yes she does look like a pig these days..she is the biggest she has ever been, pushing almost 50pds. I like to blame it on the fact that she is sick and has a tumor..but I think she is just FAT!!!

I am tired of the mud as you will see below so Bailey and Beau have been in the kitchen lately. Bailey decided she did not like to lay on the hard she made her own bed!


Every nice day we have had Coop has been outside. He is all boy. He rides his 4 wheeler, dig huge mud holes, races cars, and plays on the swing set. Recently we when we came in this is what I had to deal with...

Yes please note that he is brown...