Thursday, May 14, 2009

San Fran and Napa
These are the pictures from our trip! There are about 200 so you can flip through and check some of them out. Sorry I have been MIA..we have had a wild two weeks. We had Cooper's 4th bday. I am calling the Shannon Mudfest! We left last Thursday with another couple and headed to San Francisco. We landed and I had one thing on my mind..H& favorite place! I spent two hours there and walked out with bags and bags of clothes!! We went on a boat ride under the Golden Gate bridge, it was beautiful and very breezy. We ate good food and most importantly we drank wine from sun up to sun down! We went to Napa on Friday afternoon and prepared for a weekend full of wine tasting. We were picked up at 10 on Saturday morning and it all began! We visited many beautiful wineries and drank wonderful wine! My favorite this time was Patz and Hall. It was incredible wine. The chardonnay was $60 a bottle. I just could not bring my self to pay it. I do believe in nice expensive red wine pared with an incredible meal, but for me Chard is just for drinking! I knew if I would have bought one I would end up drinking it sitting on my back deck one day with friends! I did bring home my other favorite Robert Young, it is not that much cheaper at $40 a bottle, but it is worth it. I can not buy it anywhere here in Memphis. So as you can see by this post, we mostly drank wine! It was a great way to spend the big 30!


Shannon said...

These are pretty! Where are some pics from Coopers bday!? I want to see!

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