Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Bunny Came to Bendel Circle

The Easter bunny did come to our house..I did not get any really good pics b/c Coop was so excited about his goodies..2 Thomas movies(this was a no brainer), Star Wars Collection underoos(no they are not just Star have to have the collection or it is not correct), bubbles, markers, a Train Sandwich cutter, and more stuff for Coop to dig up my backyard. The funny part about Coop digging is, he has a place that is his dirt whole, well it is where we lost a tree a few years back. He has dug so deep he is starting to dig up the root of the tree. Martin told him to keep on digging..Ive been waiting for 5 years to get that tree completely gone!!! Thanks Coop

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