Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Coop had an Easter Egg hunt at school yesterday. It was very cute. Coop does not remember Easter last year so he was not really sure what to think!

This is Coops class waiting and getting the "riot act" from the other teacher about only getting 12 eggs!!
Please see sweet Ms Christina..look how little she is..That is Coops teacher and HE LOVES HER!! So do we. She has taught him a lot and most of all he loves going to school to see her. He wants to call her on the days he does not go to school b/c he misses her! And she lives around the corner so we walk and drive by her house(per his request)!!!

His little friends are so cute!!

You can barely see it in this pic, but he has the cutest little BumbleTee bunny shirt on!!

This is a better pic of the shirt!! I love it

Here is the bunny cake I made for the class...


Anne Marie and Brad said...

So cute!! I think our boys have the same Easter basket - go figure. :) Happy Easter!

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