Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bunny Run

Yesterday we went to the Bunny Run. The Bunny Run is a 5k for Special Kids and Families here in Memphis, they do early intervention for special needs kids 0-3. The little baby I take care of a few hours a week is Emily. So we walked/pulled Coop in the wagon for Emily's Entourage!

Getting ready to go..

Checking out the Easter Bunny, which ended up biting Martin and I when we told Coop he had to go to bed or we were going to call the Easter bunny..he said I saw the Easter bunny and she did not have a cell phone b/c she didn't have a purse!! Yes pretty smart!!!!

This is baby Emily! For those of you who know me well..she is the next Caroline!! Which maybe a good thing or a bad..but I do love this baby!

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