Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coop had his school Halloween party today. It was really nice and I really appreciated being able to attend. Days like these make me thankful to not work so Coop doesn't have to be the only child without a mother at the party!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yeah it is fixed...the student of mine who is in the hospital has a brother who is very good on the computer..he actually is a graphic designer so my problem was one click of a button for him!!
We are headed to a birthday party for Coopers friend Webbie. Cooper loves the Kramer's, especially Riggan the older brother because he is more obsessed with trains then Coop, especially GEO TRAX!! I will post pics tomorrow

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cute pics of Coop before school today.
Hi Everyone,
Long time no type!!
First things first....does anyone know how to make this background solid so you don't see it through the pictures or posts. I want the dark green part to not be translucent. If you can help shoot me an email or comment!
My mom and I had a great time in Starkville. I have to tell you though my mom made reservations at this old hotel because it was a game weekend and no reservations were to be found. So my mom and I thought...Oh it couldn't be that is probably just old. Well Mallory my sister called Friday and said I found you guys a new room, you are not going to want to stay at the University Inn. Well mom and I thought it doesn't matter...not worth $100 more. Well were we wrong...first we pull up and the place is literally falling apart, we get our room key, yes a key...what hotel still has keys...we drive around and quickly realize people actually live in this place. There were grills outside some of the rooms and men sitting out in front of there rooms. Well we open the door and the bed was broken, head board slit, nasty smell and a black sink. I looked at my mom and said not just no but HELL NO!! So we got in the car and left immediately. The crazy part is the manager didn't even argue about giving our money back...guess he knew. I swear I felt like I was on Lamar at an hourly hotel!!!
On a lighter note, my sister looked great! She ate like a champ!! And she had a date to the football game that night.. Very cool, huh?? I will try to get the picture of my mom, mal, and I at the sorority brunch, it is really cute.
On the way back we hit New Albany and discovered this great little gift store called Southern Traditions. Great stuff and great prices...we plan to visit again soon.
Do the.... drive you crazy....I love them! Like a continuation of your thought!!!!!!!
Oh guess what, my student got his trach out yesterday and maybe coming home by the end of the week. I am so excited and so proud of how hard he has fought to get well. Have to say there for a week or so many people(including Dr's) didn't think he would make it.
Have a great Tuesday, I am off for a nap.....

Friday, October 24, 2008

I always thought I was the guilty working mom but now I think I am the guilty non working mom! I feel like I have to do Everything all the time since I now do not work full time. I volunteer for everything, I send in everything the teacher requests the day it is requested. Which brings us to the cute pumpkin above....this weekend is Octoberfest at Coops school, I am working a shift on Sunday to volunteer, I baked all day yesterday for the bake sale and made this cute (if I do say..the cutest) pumpkin. Now here comes the guilty overachiever non working mom pumpkin had to be the best! I do not have an excuse to not spend many hours working on it right??? We are entering it in the Pumpkin Alley contest at school, I am anxious to see what everyone else does. I have a feeling although I think it is absolutely adorable, I know there are probably other moms that also wanted their kids pumpkin to be the BEST!
Many of you would probably say none of this is any different from when I worked full time!! And you are probably right.
But anyway it is another wild Friday...taking care of baby Emily for a few hours, meeting this afternoon and then headed to MSU to see my sister. It is homecoming this weekend and my mom and I are headed down. I wasn't really looking forward to another weekend away but I do think this one will be relaxing and not so much going as fast as I can to get it all done!
Have a great weekend...GO VOlS!!! We need a miracle to beat BAMA

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We had a great is just such a long drive to Knoxville and nonstop once you get there so we have been worn out. Coop was sick on Friday with a fever and vomiting so that delayed us leaving by a few hours..till we got him feeling better and now last night he was up coughing! Always something! I was really looking forward to getting some errands done today. I also was looking forward to heading to the hospital today to see one of former students. He has been in the ICU for several weeks now...he has a trachea and got off the vent yesterday. Well the sweetest thing happened to me on Friday..I get a phone call from his father asking me if I could come by the hospital, I explained that I was in the car headed to Knoxville but was concerned about what was going on...he went on to tell me my student had been really agitated trying to tell them something so they got a message board and he typed BROOKE SHANNON, all he wanted was for me to come see him. I have to say I started crying instantly. You just never know the effect you have on other peoples lives. You do not realize the little seemingly not important things...that really effect another person. So I am off to the hospital...have a great day

Friday, October 17, 2008


Just like last week...I love Friday!! Last night we had a huge turn out at my house for the Jeans, Lala Land, and Love Loud party. We sold a ton of jeans and would have sold even more if she would have had more! Of course the stationary order were nonstop, everyone seems to love LaLa Land! I was even able to create a new card not in the books for a picture from our recent Disney trip, I am very excited! And my friend Emily got huge response with the necklaces, mant of you wanted to show it to your husband so he could order for Christmas...look to the right and click on LOVE LOUD DESIGNS and it will take you straight to their store. Today we are off to Knoxville to see the VOLS play. I am beyond excited because I haven't been to a game in 3 years. Martin and I are leaving Cooper here with family and we are headed out. We have every meal planned out so we can hit all of our college favs! I have also promised my hubby no fraternity parties! For those of you who haven't heard this story I will fill you in...3 years ago when I was last at a game, I begged and begged Martin to go to the Figi house...see Martin was a Figi and I used to be well known around there because we dated in college for a long time. SO I walk in and I am so excited until I soon realize nobody knows me anymore and nobody cares who I am! It all came to end with me getting in beeper(pledges who drive actives so they do not drink and drive) and discovering that the pledge driving the car was in 7th grade when I graduated from college!! Needless to say I quickly learned I am TOO OLD for the fraternity houses! Have a great weekend....OFF TO SEE THE VOLS PLAY!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jeans, Purses, La land Stationary, and Love Loud Designs


Do you love jeans, but hate the thought of paying $150+?? Come to the Jean Party- We will have over 100 pairs of designer jeans- with NEW designs from names like AG, Habitual, Joe’s True Religion, People of the World, and many, many more! A new shipment has just come in, so the selection will be huge! They now carry tops and handbags too! And yes they are real!!!

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Home of Brooke Shannon

Cocktails and Shopping from 6-9

Thursday October 16th!

135 West Bendel Circle 38117

Heading East on Walnut Grove, take a left onto White Station, take your second left onto Normandy and first right is W Bendel, then 2nd house on the right
Heading West on Walnut Grove, take a right at White Station, take your second left onto Normandy and first right is W Bendel, then 2nd house on the right



Coops teacher Ms. Christina brought him to the car today and said...he's not sick but he threw up. Coop was on the playground and he was pushing a heavy wheelbarrow, when it happened. He ran to Ms. Christina and throat came out, she said what and he said my tongue came out...she said oh did you throw up and he said yeah thats it I threw up!!! LOL
Anyway he just had a little reflux and he is fine!!


Its Tuesday and it already feels like it has been a long week! I rush around like a crazy person every morning because I just have a couple of hours to myself while Coop is at school. This am I went to the dr, hit Target, Walmart, mall, furniture store, Micheals, and the post office...all between 9 and 11:30! I am used to working and like I said I can get a lot done in a short amount of time.
Has anyone started thinking about Christmas this year...I know Make Art Everyday has, she has written about it recently. I was thinking I am really going to cut back on what Santa and mommy buy this year. My child is a spoiled rotten mess and the problem is it is all my fault... I mean the child gets a new something about every few days! I know you are thinking what is wrong with me...I am not talking a big fun toy, but more so just something, Dollar Store train, etc. I did however buy him one of those "My First Computer" by Fisher Price, it plugs into the TV and plays games. I thought it looked really cool and it was on sale for $44 at Walmart, rolled back from $59!!! Get it Rolled Back...anyone who shops at Walmart does! But then yesterday we went to a friends house and they have one of those handheld Leapsters and the mom said it was fabulous and much better because it is portable. So here is my question...does anyone have either of these. If so how are they? I can not stand to buy a toy and it doesn't get played you can imagine we have a house full of toys that do not get played with! I did order Coop a computer game from his school and I was proud of myself for putting it up and not giving it to him right away. Coop being spoiled is all my fault, I take full blame!! I cant help myself!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


OK Its football Saturday! First you need to know a little secret...I care nothing about football! I just like everything that goes with it. I love appetizers, I love to cook, I love to drink wine, I love to wear orange and put the flag on my car! But the actual game....not so important to me. I will probably just hang outside with the many kids that soon be running around my house! Like I said the more the merrier. Have a great Saturday doing whatever makes you happy! I'm going to be cooking and cleaning my house for the third time this week...which leads to my next secret...I love to clean and I do it obsessively!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Thank Goodness Its Friday...I love Friday's. I am not like most people I love them, love them. I am not tired and I love the beginning of the weekend! Our weekend is full as usual, Coop has friends coming over from school today and tomorrow we are having a cookout to watch the Vols play. For the sake of my husband I hope they play!!! If it was up to me we would have a house full everyday, the kids, the people, the mess...none of it bothers me. I have an open door policy and the more the merrier is my motto! I am making this fabulous new recipe from Rachel Ray, its called French Onion Bites. If they turn out well I will post the recipe. I'm off to clean the house....

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Headed for a flu shot....
First I want to talk about my new favorite thing...ear plugs. OK my hubby snores so bad he can be heard all over the house, I have tried everything from lots of Tylenol PM to making him sleep on the couch, to snore strips and spray...but nothing works. So I bought ear plugs. I have to say they work, I am a little reluctant because I am afraid I will not hear Coop in the night, but everyone says a mother always hears their child! I am using these little orange cone ones...I can't decide if they hurt my ears or if I am just getting used to them. Any suggestions?? Anybody living with an awful snorer???