Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Program

On Thursday Cooper had his annual Christmas Program. This sweet little girl is "livia"

Olivia is Coopers best best buddy at school. She is a fireball and they have a blast together. This is the little girl that Coop came home from school and said "me and livia sleep in housekeeping during nap time"!!!!

Yes he has Uggs on! He hates dress shoes so we setteled on the Uggs, problem is I told him the pant go over the shoes! As you can see that is not how he wanted them!

This is at home before the show! I pleaded, compromised, begged, and bargained to get him "dress clothes" only to arrrive at the show and he has the sweatshirt on! You would think since we are repeating I would have known that!!

Oh well he sure is CUTE though!!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Just a couple of pictures of Coop over the last week! Today is his Christmas Program so I will post a ton more tomorrow.

How funny is this little leg kick!!

Snakes and Ladders with Granddaddy...Coop is the official Champ! Well at least he claims!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

First Weekend in December

We have just finished the first weekend in December. If they all are this full and go by as quick as this one it will be January before I know it.

We started Friday night at Coops first Basketball game. I had a work emergency and was a little late. I heard he did great till I got there! I think it was because he spent Thursday night with my mom because we had a Ptolemy Christmas Party so I had not seen him from Thursday am to Friday night!! He just missed me and wanted to sit with me instead of on the bench!!

The is Coop with his hands up on Defense!!

Christine and Ryan Groves went with us to the Blues Ball again this year. We do not have many pics b/c the Groves had a little camera mishap but here our a few that Libby took before. Yes it is like prom!! Yes we even had Bob drive us downtown and drop us off!!

Christine and I spent the afternoon getting our makeup done at Joesph' fun..they serve Champagne while they make you up! Not such a great pic of me but oh well. Christine looks awesome!

Then Coop was picked up on Sunday for a trip to Shelby Forrest with Bob and Libby. He said "it was so fun MOM" when he got home. He pet a King Snake and came home with Owl feathers. He took his basketball and granddaddy took him to practice bball at the Racquet Club after. Granddaddy has been taking him about once a week and he does well because he will listen to him much better!

Happy December! We will see what this next weekend brings!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So I have been MIA for many reasons. First because I lost my camera. Not a clue where it went!! So thanks to black Friday I bought a new one at Target for $88.00. Most of you know how much I love black Friday!! I got one deal of the century at Home Depot. I have wanted a heater for my deck for a long time. Martin found one in the ad for $99.00 regularly $180.00. I went to purchase it and the lady told me if I opened an account I would receive an additional $50.00 off so I now own this for a grand total of $45.33!!

We had a party last Saturday night and showed the UT game outside, well this heater kept my whole deck warm. So fun!! I have also been MIA because Jr. League is kicking my butt. I chaired the Charity Shopping Pass with over 90 retailers and many passes to sell. It ended last week now I am finally about to wrap it up. Oh yeah and I do have a full time job where we have been short one Family Teaching Director, so I have been managing 14 homes for the past 2 months!! But that too is getting better, we hired a new person and I slowly back down to 9 homes.

We had a great Thanksgiving. Kat and Stew, John and Larkin were all in town. We spent a lot of time together and enjoyed every minute of it! Here are some pics from zoo lights.

Cooper enjoying being the conductor on the train at the zoo.

Coop reading his map. He loves maps!

Like I said we had a party on Sat night for the last UT game. This was the attempt for the kiddies to have a slumber party in Cooper's room.

Lots of bed hopping!

I guess this is all for now!