Thursday, April 30, 2009

Give Away

Check out this link..This is a friend of a friend. I found her blog and I love reading about her adventures in Germany. Check her out..., she is doing a giveaway so check it out(April 30th post).

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Ok the boats are ready and the lake is REALLY REALLY COLD! After much distress I went to the lake this past weekend. I love the lake in the summer, but when you can not be out on the water I get bored!! But Martin promised we could get out on the party barge for awhile and we took my in laws. These were my two "must haves" in order to go!! Well Saturday we got out on the boat, it was extremely windy and not as hot as I would have liked. Well Coop decided he was going to sit on the front of the boat and put his feet big deal..he has been "boating" since he was an infant and always wears a life jacket. Plus I knew it was cold and he would not enjoy this for long..well a few minutes later, Libby (Nana) says very calmly..he is in the water..WHAT! I jump up and he is in fact in the water and completely scared to death! Water temp could not even be 60, especially out in the middle of the lake where it is at least 50 feet deep...I proceed to stick my leg out to try and get him to grab hold..well the wind is blowing and he is floating farther and farther away. At this point he is truly panicked, but yes does have a life jacket on! I hear Martin behind me say, get him Brooke, so in I went..dress and life jacket. Background info: I do not do the water even in August when it is like taking a bath, I prefer to just sit and float and only get in the water when I need to tinkle!! So in I go, I hit that water and literally it was so cold I could not move. I swam towards Cooper thinking how in the world am I going to save him..he is the one in the life jacket! I grabbed him and pushed him as hard as I could towards the boat where Martin got him out then I swam towards the boat..Martin yanked me out so fast, but I still was completely frozen! Needless to say we went back in at this point! And I will not be back in the water till at least June, even if I need to go to the bathroom!!

On a lighter note, we did take Coop to ride a horse at a barn not far from our house. Last year we went and he rode Ol Dollar, this year he took a spin on Silver...

He was so proud..note the Cars boots..these are his lake "working boots" as he calls them. He loves to come work at the lake with his dad and Po Po.
Stay tuned this weekend..we are gearing up for the big 4th bday party this Sat in our backyard..Please say a prayer it does not rain!! It should be a big bash..Martin has really gotten into it. We are grilling out hot dogs and hamburgers, Martin got a keg and I bought a few cases of wine!!! Martin is bringing a bobcat and excavator from his work and I have made a construction site!!! Pics to come!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Funday..

Coop told me he was a pig..oink oink mommy!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Saturday Pics

We attend Hope Church so we do not have to get really dressed up, but this is good as it gets for Coop. Getting him dressed was like pulling teeth and then getting a pic..we shed tears over..both of us!! But I have to say he sure is cute.


Ok this is Coops favorite song..he sings it all the time..

"Reeboxs with the wraps"

"big booty a whack"

"looooowwww loooowww looowww"

Easter Bunny Came to Bendel Circle

The Easter bunny did come to our house..I did not get any really good pics b/c Coop was so excited about his goodies..2 Thomas movies(this was a no brainer), Star Wars Collection underoos(no they are not just Star have to have the collection or it is not correct), bubbles, markers, a Train Sandwich cutter, and more stuff for Coop to dig up my backyard. The funny part about Coop digging is, he has a place that is his dirt whole, well it is where we lost a tree a few years back. He has dug so deep he is starting to dig up the root of the tree. Martin told him to keep on digging..Ive been waiting for 5 years to get that tree completely gone!!! Thanks Coop

Bunny Run

Yesterday we went to the Bunny Run. The Bunny Run is a 5k for Special Kids and Families here in Memphis, they do early intervention for special needs kids 0-3. The little baby I take care of a few hours a week is Emily. So we walked/pulled Coop in the wagon for Emily's Entourage!

Getting ready to go..

Checking out the Easter Bunny, which ended up biting Martin and I when we told Coop he had to go to bed or we were going to call the Easter bunny..he said I saw the Easter bunny and she did not have a cell phone b/c she didn't have a purse!! Yes pretty smart!!!!

This is baby Emily! For those of you who know me well..she is the next Caroline!! Which maybe a good thing or a bad..but I do love this baby!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Coop had an Easter Egg hunt at school yesterday. It was very cute. Coop does not remember Easter last year so he was not really sure what to think!

This is Coops class waiting and getting the "riot act" from the other teacher about only getting 12 eggs!!
Please see sweet Ms Christina..look how little she is..That is Coops teacher and HE LOVES HER!! So do we. She has taught him a lot and most of all he loves going to school to see her. He wants to call her on the days he does not go to school b/c he misses her! And she lives around the corner so we walk and drive by her house(per his request)!!!

His little friends are so cute!!

You can barely see it in this pic, but he has the cutest little BumbleTee bunny shirt on!!

This is a better pic of the shirt!! I love it

Here is the bunny cake I made for the class...

Sleeping Beauty

We went to church last night for Maundy Thursday service. You may not know what it is..but it is the night of Lords Super. It was a great service. Eli, our pastor, talked about Demes (sp?). He was one of the men that was nailed the cross with Jesus. He was the only man that admitted to his sins and told Jesus that he believed in Him. So Jesus replied that Demes would live in Paradise forever! Kind of interesting, never heard that story before. Anyway so I made Coop is Sleeping Beauty in my bed! I should have recorded a video b/c he snores as loud as his dad!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The View From My Bed...

This is what I leaned over from my bed to find this morning..

I am proud of his imagination, he built this all by his self!

Nothing like a little "Geo Trax..All Aboard" at 7am!!!
Side note...I have tracks like this one built now in 4 rooms!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Soccer Game

This was Coops first soccer game, this past Friday night. We had the whole family there. Libby(Nana), Bob (granddaddy), Sherree (gega) and of course assistant coach......


Martin did well..he had to be told to tone it down a few times...Martin wants them to be the BEST and WIN! But remember they are 3 and 4!

Mister Poser..please note how big he is! I mean he is a kid!!

Yes he is going to be a heartbreaker!!

The team

This is him running off the field crying!! Not sure why, but he is belting out a scream!!!

Yes those are my hands trying to get my BABY

Mr. Goalie

Waiting his turn!

Finally a juice box!! Game over!!

More Thomas Pics

Coop anxiously waiting for the train to take off!

All three kiddies in the green tub!

My sweet neice Larkin..she is so great!!! LOVE HER!!

All three kiddies getting Stew...Martins brother

This is John, My Nephew, he is about 6 months older than Coop.