Saturday, November 22, 2008

More of the past two weeks

Ok so here is more of what we have done in the past two weeks...
Coop went to his first dentist appointment. Ok the dentist, is Uncle Jack, Martin's uncle. Not only are we spoiled to have a dentist in the family and can come in on very short notice, he also has three grand kids! He was great with Coop, he cleaned his teeth himself while Coop was sitting in his lap! That is what I call talent. I was so impressed. Coop is not cool with new things, especially unfamiliar things...he set right in his lap and let him clean his teeth. I was absolutely amazed! Good Job Uncle Jack!! It is funny because Coop has three toothbrushes, a Thomas one, a Spider one, and now a Uncle Jack toothbrush! I have to say it is a big decision each morning. The Uncle Jack toothbrush wins almost everyday!

Our Christmas Tree

Yes, Laugh all you want..we have put up our tree. I am almost done with the whole house. The funniest part is we still have a pumpkin on the dinning room table and a tree in the den. Guess we are feeling the holiday spirit this year!! All Coop has been talking about is Christmas and Santa. He hated Santa last year so I am so excited. He also keeps talking about Jesus...I think this comes from weekly chapel at school. He told me last week Jesus was the son of the Holy Spirit!!! He loves the Nativity scene that I have been collecting for years. I love the tree the most because every ornament we have has a meaning. My grandmother use to give me an ornament a year, I have them all since I was a young child. Libby(coops grandmother) and I now do the same for Cooper. We have Disney ornaments from our recent trip, you name it and I can tell you where it came from and why it is special. I even have ornaments that my old students made. I think this is what a tree should be...full of precious memories! Oh one funny one for of my college best buds Laura gave me the best ornament ever and I still have it(although it is a little broken) its a short bus...I know your thinking how terrible..but when your special ed teacher you sometimes have to find the humor!!
So we decorated the tree, Coop just repeated how beautiful every ornament was, he has never used the word so cute. I enjoyed every minute of it. I had 2special ornaments for him this year so I told him to close his eyes while I got them out of my room. One was a train, James and the other was a firetruck from Disney with Goofy in it. Well he then told me to close my eyes because he had a special ornament for me...he went to his room and came back with an old pipe cleaner bracelet that he made last year at school! I told him it was beautiful and we hung it on the tree! See a tree is not about a color scheme or the perfect ornaments, it is special because of the memories it holds and the ones it creates! I hope you have a Merry Christmas even before Thanksgiving!!!!


What have we been up let me see..I am up to my eyeballs in jean orders! Coop is so excited about Christmas he can not stand it. Last weekend we went to the lake and I forgot to take any pics of Coop working outside with my dad and Martin...they rode the 4 wheeler, burned sticks, cut trees...all things that boys love to do! But here are 2 pics,one of the camel that someone has on their farm really close to our lake house and the other of the lake..

Monday, November 17, 2008

WOW Where has the week gone?

I can not believe it has been a week since my last post..I do not know it just came and went! We went to the lake this weekend..I will blog about that later, but first lets talk about my new business adventure!
Party in Our Pants has come to Memphis!
I know I is a little much, but product is FABULOUS! Ok we are all feeling the money crunch these days, remember I decided to become a stay at home mom right when the bottom fell out of the economy!!
So what am I doing??
Loretta Kane, a native East Memphian, and I are bringing Party In Our Pants to Memphis..PIOP is a company selling authentic designer jeans at not so designer prices. We all wear nice jeans, we all love nice jeans, and now we ALL can AFFORD them! Check out the website at, here you can read about the history of the company, learn about the retail store, and find out that they are REAL!! Many people are doing jean shows, but after much research they just cannot be selling jeans straight from the manufacturer! We on the other hand will be selling jeans that come straight from the makers and what is even better they are this years styles and washes, not what is left over from last season! So if you walk into Indigo fall in love with a pair of True Religions, chances are I will have them or can order them immediately! The way this works is this...all retail stores mark jeans up at least 100%, now it is becoming more like 120%. Well we just will be selling them for much less than that. We have 6 parties scheduled through out December. I will post their dates and locations soon...if you would like to book a party send me an If you book a party you will receive 10% of your sales in jeans, plus 10% off your jeans purchase. Do not want to have a party, but still want some jeans..let me know that too. We will add you to our mailing list or just stop in and try some on!

WOW Where has the week gone?

Monday, November 10, 2008


Memories...I wish I would have known then how quickly the time would pass. I would have stopped and cherished them more. This is Coop at 2 weeks and Amelia (known in my house as MooMoo, she calls me Taco...go figure!!)at one week. This is my fav picture it still hangs on the wall in my bedroom. Check out the link to the Two Girlies and see the two of them now...three years later.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I guess we did not talk enough about the election! My father "popo" would be proud.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

WOW It is already Thursday. Not much to report this week. I have been busy working on a new work adventure. More on that as the details fall into place. If those of you reading this have not checked out Love Loud Designs on the right of this page you need to do so ASAP. This week I have received a few of the necklaces that people ordered from my party..I have to say they are so cute! Everyone seems so happy with them, now I have to get on there and order mine! The brains behind the operation is my friend Emily, I am very impressed with the buisness sense she has all the sudden shown! Who knew? I guess we all have many talents that we do not even know we have. Well today is picture day. I am about to go wake Coop up now...this is the first time all week he has slept past 6. He has been so out of whack with the time change. I knew moms always talk about this with their kids but I always thought it sounded so silly. Well Coop is truly off! Maybe this is a step in the right direction! I will post pics in just a few. Have a great day!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wonderful Weekend!!

Yes it has truly been a wonderful weekend! I have been home alone all weekend. Yes home alone, no boys at all. Martin and Coop headed to the lake to see my father, aka PoPo. See Coop doesn't care anything about Halloween..he doesn't really like the costume and he doesn't eat candy so when given the option to stay here and do Halloween or go to the lake, he grabbed his Cars boots and work gloves then was in the truck before I could get his bagged packed!! So, I cleaned the house from top to bottom, actually one of my fav things to do. Hit the liquor store for some wine and visited some neighbors before finally ending up at Em's house. We had a great time. She introduced me to facebook and got me caught up on who has a baby and so on. Goodness you can find out anything you ever wanted to know about someone on there. WILD! Saturday my mom and I took Petie to lunch, we had such a nice time. It really was great! Then I napped and had a great dinner with another mom in Coops class at River Oaks. I've read the paper in bed and talked on the phone continuously. Now I'm headed to the grocery store and ready to enjoy the rest of the day by myself!!
What a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!