Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We had a great weekend..it is just such a long drive to Knoxville and nonstop once you get there so we have been worn out. Coop was sick on Friday with a fever and vomiting so that delayed us leaving by a few hours..till we got him feeling better and now last night he was up coughing! Always something! I was really looking forward to getting some errands done today. I also was looking forward to heading to the hospital today to see one of former students. He has been in the ICU for several weeks now...he has a trachea and got off the vent yesterday. Well the sweetest thing happened to me on Friday..I get a phone call from his father asking me if I could come by the hospital, I explained that I was in the car headed to Knoxville but was concerned about what was going on...he went on to tell me my student had been really agitated trying to tell them something so they got a message board and he typed BROOKE SHANNON, all he wanted was for me to come see him. I have to say I started crying instantly. You just never know the effect you have on other peoples lives. You do not realize the little seemingly not important things...that really effect another person. So I am off to the hospital...have a great day

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