Friday, October 24, 2008

I always thought I was the guilty working mom but now I think I am the guilty non working mom! I feel like I have to do Everything all the time since I now do not work full time. I volunteer for everything, I send in everything the teacher requests the day it is requested. Which brings us to the cute pumpkin above....this weekend is Octoberfest at Coops school, I am working a shift on Sunday to volunteer, I baked all day yesterday for the bake sale and made this cute (if I do say..the cutest) pumpkin. Now here comes the guilty overachiever non working mom pumpkin had to be the best! I do not have an excuse to not spend many hours working on it right??? We are entering it in the Pumpkin Alley contest at school, I am anxious to see what everyone else does. I have a feeling although I think it is absolutely adorable, I know there are probably other moms that also wanted their kids pumpkin to be the BEST!
Many of you would probably say none of this is any different from when I worked full time!! And you are probably right.
But anyway it is another wild Friday...taking care of baby Emily for a few hours, meeting this afternoon and then headed to MSU to see my sister. It is homecoming this weekend and my mom and I are headed down. I wasn't really looking forward to another weekend away but I do think this one will be relaxing and not so much going as fast as I can to get it all done!
Have a great weekend...GO VOlS!!! We need a miracle to beat BAMA

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