Friday, October 17, 2008


Just like last week...I love Friday!! Last night we had a huge turn out at my house for the Jeans, Lala Land, and Love Loud party. We sold a ton of jeans and would have sold even more if she would have had more! Of course the stationary order were nonstop, everyone seems to love LaLa Land! I was even able to create a new card not in the books for a picture from our recent Disney trip, I am very excited! And my friend Emily got huge response with the necklaces, mant of you wanted to show it to your husband so he could order for Christmas...look to the right and click on LOVE LOUD DESIGNS and it will take you straight to their store. Today we are off to Knoxville to see the VOLS play. I am beyond excited because I haven't been to a game in 3 years. Martin and I are leaving Cooper here with family and we are headed out. We have every meal planned out so we can hit all of our college favs! I have also promised my hubby no fraternity parties! For those of you who haven't heard this story I will fill you in...3 years ago when I was last at a game, I begged and begged Martin to go to the Figi house...see Martin was a Figi and I used to be well known around there because we dated in college for a long time. SO I walk in and I am so excited until I soon realize nobody knows me anymore and nobody cares who I am! It all came to end with me getting in beeper(pledges who drive actives so they do not drink and drive) and discovering that the pledge driving the car was in 7th grade when I graduated from college!! Needless to say I quickly learned I am TOO OLD for the fraternity houses! Have a great weekend....OFF TO SEE THE VOLS PLAY!


AndrĂ© LĂșcio said...

Hello, just start following you on google follower please do the same with my blog.

Andy, Leigh, & Runyan said...

I can't believe you went to a fraternity party!! That is hysterical!!