Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Its Tuesday and it already feels like it has been a long week! I rush around like a crazy person every morning because I just have a couple of hours to myself while Coop is at school. This am I went to the dr, hit Target, Walmart, mall, furniture store, Micheals, and the post office...all between 9 and 11:30! I am used to working and like I said I can get a lot done in a short amount of time.
Has anyone started thinking about Christmas this year...I know Make Art Everyday has, she has written about it recently. I was thinking I am really going to cut back on what Santa and mommy buy this year. My child is a spoiled rotten mess and the problem is it is all my fault... I mean the child gets a new something about every few days! I know you are thinking what is wrong with me...I am not talking a big fun toy, but more so just something, Dollar Store crap...new train, etc. I did however buy him one of those "My First Computer" by Fisher Price, it plugs into the TV and plays games. I thought it looked really cool and it was on sale for $44 at Walmart, rolled back from $59!!! Get it Rolled Back...anyone who shops at Walmart does! But then yesterday we went to a friends house and they have one of those handheld Leapsters and the mom said it was fabulous and much better because it is portable. So here is my question...does anyone have either of these. If so how are they? I can not stand to buy a toy and it doesn't get played with....as you can imagine we have a house full of toys that do not get played with! I did order Coop a computer game from his school and I was proud of myself for putting it up and not giving it to him right away. Coop being spoiled is all my fault, I take full blame!! I cant help myself!!!!

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