Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cute pics of Coop before school today.
Hi Everyone,
Long time no type!!
First things first....does anyone know how to make this background solid so you don't see it through the pictures or posts. I want the dark green part to not be translucent. If you can help shoot me an email or comment!
My mom and I had a great time in Starkville. I have to tell you though my mom made reservations at this old hotel because it was a game weekend and no reservations were to be found. So my mom and I thought...Oh it couldn't be that bad...it is probably just old. Well Mallory my sister called Friday and said I found you guys a new room, you are not going to want to stay at the University Inn. Well mom and I thought it doesn't matter...not worth $100 more. Well were we wrong...first we pull up and the place is literally falling apart, we get our room key, yes a key...what hotel still has keys...we drive around and quickly realize people actually live in this place. There were grills outside some of the rooms and men sitting out in front of there rooms. Well we open the door and the bed was broken, head board slit, nasty smell and a black sink. I looked at my mom and said not just no but HELL NO!! So we got in the car and left immediately. The crazy part is the manager didn't even argue about giving our money back...guess he knew. I swear I felt like I was on Lamar at an hourly hotel!!!
On a lighter note, my sister looked great! She ate like a champ!! And she had a date to the football game that night.. Very cool, huh?? I will try to get the picture of my mom, mal, and I at the sorority brunch, it is really cute.
On the way back we hit New Albany and discovered this great little gift store called Southern Traditions. Great stuff and great prices...we plan to visit again soon.
Do the.... drive you crazy....I love them! Like a continuation of your thought!!!!!!!
Oh guess what, my student got his trach out yesterday and maybe coming home by the end of the week. I am so excited and so proud of how hard he has fought to get well. Have to say there for a week or so many people(including Dr's) didn't think he would make it.
Have a great Tuesday, I am off for a nap.....

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