Thursday, October 9, 2008


Headed for a flu shot....
First I want to talk about my new favorite thing...ear plugs. OK my hubby snores so bad he can be heard all over the house, I have tried everything from lots of Tylenol PM to making him sleep on the couch, to snore strips and spray...but nothing works. So I bought ear plugs. I have to say they work, I am a little reluctant because I am afraid I will not hear Coop in the night, but everyone says a mother always hears their child! I am using these little orange cone ones...I can't decide if they hurt my ears or if I am just getting used to them. Any suggestions?? Anybody living with an awful snorer???

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Jennifer said...

Hey Girl! Yes, hubby used to be a terrible snoring monster. Sent him to the Dr. two years ago, turns out he has sleep apnea. He now sleeps with a breathing machine and in turn I am sleeping. Send him to a sleep clinic at least so you can get some sleep. :)