Monday, November 17, 2008

WOW Where has the week gone?

I can not believe it has been a week since my last post..I do not know it just came and went! We went to the lake this weekend..I will blog about that later, but first lets talk about my new business adventure!
Party in Our Pants has come to Memphis!
I know I is a little much, but product is FABULOUS! Ok we are all feeling the money crunch these days, remember I decided to become a stay at home mom right when the bottom fell out of the economy!!
So what am I doing??
Loretta Kane, a native East Memphian, and I are bringing Party In Our Pants to Memphis..PIOP is a company selling authentic designer jeans at not so designer prices. We all wear nice jeans, we all love nice jeans, and now we ALL can AFFORD them! Check out the website at, here you can read about the history of the company, learn about the retail store, and find out that they are REAL!! Many people are doing jean shows, but after much research they just cannot be selling jeans straight from the manufacturer! We on the other hand will be selling jeans that come straight from the makers and what is even better they are this years styles and washes, not what is left over from last season! So if you walk into Indigo fall in love with a pair of True Religions, chances are I will have them or can order them immediately! The way this works is this...all retail stores mark jeans up at least 100%, now it is becoming more like 120%. Well we just will be selling them for much less than that. We have 6 parties scheduled through out December. I will post their dates and locations soon...if you would like to book a party send me an If you book a party you will receive 10% of your sales in jeans, plus 10% off your jeans purchase. Do not want to have a party, but still want some jeans..let me know that too. We will add you to our mailing list or just stop in and try some on!

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