Thursday, November 6, 2008

WOW It is already Thursday. Not much to report this week. I have been busy working on a new work adventure. More on that as the details fall into place. If those of you reading this have not checked out Love Loud Designs on the right of this page you need to do so ASAP. This week I have received a few of the necklaces that people ordered from my party..I have to say they are so cute! Everyone seems so happy with them, now I have to get on there and order mine! The brains behind the operation is my friend Emily, I am very impressed with the buisness sense she has all the sudden shown! Who knew? I guess we all have many talents that we do not even know we have. Well today is picture day. I am about to go wake Coop up now...this is the first time all week he has slept past 6. He has been so out of whack with the time change. I knew moms always talk about this with their kids but I always thought it sounded so silly. Well Coop is truly off! Maybe this is a step in the right direction! I will post pics in just a few. Have a great day!

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