Saturday, November 22, 2008

More of the past two weeks

Ok so here is more of what we have done in the past two weeks...
Coop went to his first dentist appointment. Ok the dentist, is Uncle Jack, Martin's uncle. Not only are we spoiled to have a dentist in the family and can come in on very short notice, he also has three grand kids! He was great with Coop, he cleaned his teeth himself while Coop was sitting in his lap! That is what I call talent. I was so impressed. Coop is not cool with new things, especially unfamiliar things...he set right in his lap and let him clean his teeth. I was absolutely amazed! Good Job Uncle Jack!! It is funny because Coop has three toothbrushes, a Thomas one, a Spider one, and now a Uncle Jack toothbrush! I have to say it is a big decision each morning. The Uncle Jack toothbrush wins almost everyday!

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