Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Yes, Laugh all you want..we have put up our tree. I am almost done with the whole house. The funniest part is we still have a pumpkin on the dinning room table and a tree in the den. Guess we are feeling the holiday spirit this year!! All Coop has been talking about is Christmas and Santa. He hated Santa last year so I am so excited. He also keeps talking about Jesus...I think this comes from weekly chapel at school. He told me last week Jesus was the son of the Holy Spirit!!! He loves the Nativity scene that I have been collecting for years. I love the tree the most because every ornament we have has a meaning. My grandmother use to give me an ornament a year, I have them all since I was a young child. Libby(coops grandmother) and I now do the same for Cooper. We have Disney ornaments from our recent trip, you name it and I can tell you where it came from and why it is special. I even have ornaments that my old students made. I think this is what a tree should be...full of precious memories! Oh one funny one for of my college best buds Laura gave me the best ornament ever and I still have it(although it is a little broken) its a short bus...I know your thinking how terrible..but when your special ed teacher you sometimes have to find the humor!!
So we decorated the tree, Coop just repeated how beautiful every ornament was, he has never used the word so cute. I enjoyed every minute of it. I had 2special ornaments for him this year so I told him to close his eyes while I got them out of my room. One was a train, James and the other was a firetruck from Disney with Goofy in it. Well he then told me to close my eyes because he had a special ornament for me...he went to his room and came back with an old pipe cleaner bracelet that he made last year at school! I told him it was beautiful and we hung it on the tree! See a tree is not about a color scheme or the perfect ornaments, it is special because of the memories it holds and the ones it creates! I hope you have a Merry Christmas even before Thanksgiving!!!!

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Laura said...

ok, so i was going to make fun of you, but then what you wrote was so sweet (and I got a shout-out)! so good for you for being organized & on time! are you available for hire????