Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So I have been MIA for many reasons. First because I lost my camera. Not a clue where it went!! So thanks to black Friday I bought a new one at Target for $88.00. Most of you know how much I love black Friday!! I got one deal of the century at Home Depot. I have wanted a heater for my deck for a long time. Martin found one in the ad for $99.00 regularly $180.00. I went to purchase it and the lady told me if I opened an account I would receive an additional $50.00 off so I now own this for a grand total of $45.33!!

We had a party last Saturday night and showed the UT game outside, well this heater kept my whole deck warm. So fun!! I have also been MIA because Jr. League is kicking my butt. I chaired the Charity Shopping Pass with over 90 retailers and many passes to sell. It ended last week now I am finally about to wrap it up. Oh yeah and I do have a full time job where we have been short one Family Teaching Director, so I have been managing 14 homes for the past 2 months!! But that too is getting better, we hired a new person and I slowly back down to 9 homes.

We had a great Thanksgiving. Kat and Stew, John and Larkin were all in town. We spent a lot of time together and enjoyed every minute of it! Here are some pics from zoo lights.

Cooper enjoying being the conductor on the train at the zoo.

Coop reading his map. He loves maps!

Like I said we had a party on Sat night for the last UT game. This was the attempt for the kiddies to have a slumber party in Cooper's room.

Lots of bed hopping!

I guess this is all for now!


Anonymous said...

So cute! love coop's haircut!

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