Friday, June 19, 2009

Santa Rosa Beach

My mother in law, Libby, Cooper, cousin John and I left two Saturdays ago for a trip to the beach. Through out the week the rest of the fam joined us. Aunt Kat, Uncle Stew, Larkin, Granddaddy Bob and Martin.

Testing out the water..look at the sweet footprints.

Thank goodness for sand toys.

The boys loved this boat. We had to buy another one because they continued to fight over them. As you can see below John is attempting to take it so Coop decides to throw sand in it! Coop wanted to know where the motor was, like his daddies Master Crab. Yes he calls the boat a Master Crab!

LOVE this pic. My sweet neice Larkin! I love her..she is so stinkin cute!

Love this one too!!

All the kiddies taking a break before our family pictures on the beach. Don't they look so cute all dressed alike! Here is the link where you can view the proofs from our family pictures.

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