Monday, March 23, 2009

Grandparents Day..

Last Friday was Grandparents Day at St Dominic. It was so sweet, the kids sung songs about the seasons. Believe it or not Coop actually was singing. One time so loud you could hear him over the other kids and we are talking 6 other classes!! He was so excited. My mom (gega), Martins mom and dad (granddaddy and nana), Martin and I were all there. He was just beside himself waving at me and telling me how "bootiful" I am!!
Getting him dressed was another story. I had to bribe, plead, and beg for him to put on his Sunday Best! Coop hates clothes especially dress clothes!!
He got two new trains since I got him to school in his outfit!!

Sorry the pics are not great. He refused to pose as well!!
Notice the cute little Vineyard Vines shirt. My mother keeps him well dressed from that store!! The problem is when we got home he informed me that shirt was garbage and I needed to throw it away! I hope I can get him back in it for Easter! We will see!!
Oh Do not forget to notice the Boots..Remember these are the ones he put alittle smile on and got Grandaddy to buy for him!! They are about the only shoes he will wear these days!

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