Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ok..fellow bloggers..Many of you have little boys that are in love with trains. But I have to say my child is IN LOVE WITH TRAINS!! And we have them all. We have all kinds of trains. We have Thomas wooden, Thomas die cast, Thomas battery operated and we own every GEO Trax remote control train that they have. We own almost all of the push trains and we have one plane. You may say WHY??? or SPOILED??? Well yes probably but he is obsessed and he knows all of their names. If you held up anyone at random he could tell you their name and tell you a fact about them. I am not kidding ask Emily!!

PS: Shan make sure you sister sees this and get on the Geo Trax website, you can order him a free video that tells all about the trains. It is a cartoon. Coop loves it!

I do not have any pics of Thomas, we do have a table full but he doesn't keep a big track set up.

But this is our Geo Trax World:

We also just recently had a mishap with a train. Coop was showing off for my mom and put one of his trains on his head while the wheels were spinning. Here is what happened......

Wish I would have thought quickly enough to get a pic of it in his hair, but he was freaking out. Then I was trying to unwind it and Coop just yanked it right out! No crying nothing!

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