Saturday, January 3, 2009

We had a Great Holiday in The Shannon family. It was a great ending to a wild December. We enjoyed spending time with all of our extended family. Coop enjoyed all the festivities but mostly the presents. He asks me everyday is it "Christmas Today". He does not understand that it is over. He cried and cried when I took the tree down.."no no I want it to be Christmas again".

Needless to say he received tons and tons of toys...mostly trains. Most people wouldn't even be able to keep it all straight, but Coop knows the names of every Geo Trax train and Thomas Train, plus he knows there purpose as a train, (for you who are new to the train world this means what they haul or what their jobs are on the train yard), he is also is very specific about which trains go together and which do not! It is a whole world to him and he is very paticular!!!

This is Coop very overwhelmed!!

This is the entire loot from Santa.

This is my personal favorite, it is a train apron so we can bake together and guess what we are going to bake...look above....train cakes and cookies!!!!!!

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