Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast at St. Dominic

Cooper has been singing Thanksgiving songs for weeks. I invited the whole family to come see him preform. Nana (martins mom), Granddaddy (martins dad), GeGa (my mom), MiMi..aka Aunt Judye (martins aunt), Coop can not get this one straight! I had a camera and a video camera charges and ready. I got there helped the mothers st up food and went to get my video camera ready...guess what..no blank tapes. I was not happy, but guess what Cooper got up there smiled, waved, set down, and then threw on his Coop face. Those of you who know him well..you know this face. I think I got a good pic of it. So needless to say he didn't sing, he didn't do anything but sit there!!!!

Yes this is it. This is the Cooper scowl..his favorite face!
More fun pics of the play.

More Scowl from the Flying Squirrel!

Coop not letting me take a cute pic!!!

This is Coops best little bud from school. He is the brother of one of coops classmates, Webbie. But Coop loves this boy because they are both obessed with trains especially GEOTRAX! They spend hours playing trains, talking trains, and watching train movies.

Coop and Riggan..what is up with boys refusing to pose!

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. I will post pics from ours later today.

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